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Acot Group of Companies

Acot Group, whose parent company is ACMA Ltd which is listed in the Main Board of Singapore Stock Exchange, has a worldwide presence in the mould making and plastics injection moulding business. It is one of the few premium tool makers in China that is able to fabricate tools for the Automotive industry that meet the highest European standards. With our engineering support from our wholly owned German company , Acot is able to provide one-stop service for precision injection moulding. Our list of end users include Daimler, Jaguar, BMW, Audi, VW, Porsche, Ford, GM etc. Besides automotive tools, Acot also fabricates tools and injection parts for the Medical, Electronics and other industries.

With our commitment to service, quality and standards that are attested by our numerous ISO certifications, awards and accolades, we are your preferred partner to meet your tooling and moulding requirements.

Our China factories

Acot Tooling (Xiamen) Co., Ltd (ATX)

Located in Xiamen, FuJian province of China, Acot Tooling Xiamen was established in November 2002. It currently occupies a 4 storey building.

The factory is able to handle small to large size tools up to 1,300 ton injection machine, from design of tools, programming, fabrication and tool trials. Its customers base includes customers from Germany, Spain, USA, Canada, Japan and China.

Acot Tooling Xiamen makes very high quality tools, most of which are exported, for the Automotive, Electronics, Medical and Consumer sectors. The company also specializes in In-Mold Decoration(IMD) and 2K tools.

For more information, please visit our Acot China website at www.acotgroup.cn.

Acot Plastics (Xiamen) Co., Ltd (APX)

Located in a separate building just besides Acot Tooling Xiamen, Acot Plastics Xiamen was established in 1995, being one of the pioneer companies incorporated in Xiamen.

It currently occupies a factory area of approximately 24,000 sqm and employs more than 400 employees. Services provided includes the followings:-

 * Injection moulding;           *Extrusion
 * Surface finishing;              *Double injection moulding(2K)
 * Modular assembly;           *Gas-injection moulding

The company also specializes in high end In-Mould Decoration (IMD) technology and partners with Nissha (full name)? of Japan to produce the finest products.
For more information, please visit our Acot China website at www.acotgroup.cn.

Creative Master L&W Ltd (CMLW)

Located in DongGuan, China, Creative Master L&W Ltd has a very strong management team with a decades of experience in tool making. The core management team has more than 100 man-years of solid tool-making experience and guarantees that moulds produced are of world-class standard.

It is capable of making moulds from 30 tonnage to a 650 tonnage mould, from 150X150 to 950X950 dimension.
It employs the latest equipments to make high precision tools for many industries.

Our Sales and Engineering Support company

Acot Holdings Pte Ltd branch

Acot Holdings Pte Ltd branch is located in Stockheim, Germany, a 3 hour drive from Frankfurt city. The company was set up in 2005 to provide sales, engineering and after sales services to our European customers with emphasis on the automotive sector.

The company employs a number of highly qualified German engineers and marketing staff to source tooling orders from German and other European customers which are then produced in ATX or CMLW to European standards.

For more information, please visit our German website at www.acot-germany.de.

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